Red, White, and Blue Balance Pendant

Red, White, and Blue Balance Pendant

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Handmade kiln fired terracotta clay pendants. Just one single drop of high quality oil on the porous ceramic will diffuse sweet aromas into the air all day long.

The cord is adjustable from 6.5" to 9". (can do custom lengths by request)

This piece is suitable for both children and adults.

It comes UNSCENTED with a FREE mini dropper with high quality oils.

A kiln fired diffuser is a piece of porous clay used to disperse essential oil into the air. One drop of undiluted oil is usually all that is needed at a time as this small amount will saturate into the piece.
Once the clay no longer gives off the desired fragrance, refresh it by adding another drop of oil.
For the strongest scent, and greatest therapeutic benefit, add one drop a day. 

If you want to change the oil that is on the diffuser, wait until most of the original scent has evaporated away (usually 2 or 3 days).
Then apply the next one. Some scents blend nicely with each other so that applying a second oil on top of the first will work fine.

Make sure the oil is fully absorbed prior to use. As long as the oil is completely absorbed it will not stain clothing when worn.